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Máy hàn 3 đầu nhựa màu

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PVC Door and window
make the corner good-looking ,top grade
high precision


PVC door and window machine ,window machine ,door and window machine

Three--point welding machine for colorful PVC Door &window

This machine is suit for welding colorful profile film,double color ,spray etc.HJ04 can clean all the corner at one time and can control the size of welding seam,so make the corner good-looking,top grade .HJ04 strengthen the hardness of welding through control the pneumatic systerm especially in the melting.to ensure that welding hardness is the best.As clean the corner after welding.

Type  Input Power  Motor Power  Pressure
 HJ04-3500.3/3.A  380V/50Hz  3.5KW  0.5~0.8Mpa
 Welding length  Welding profile size  Overall Dimension