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Specifications Aluminum milling machine 1.Used in processing the side surface of aluminum profiles 2.ISO9001,CE Aluminum profile aluminum milling machine aluminum window machine Used in processing the side surface of profiles for aluminum windows and door,Milling and cutting the side surface on any angles between 90 degree and 30 degree.The worktable can be adjusted up and down,widely used in all kinds of profiles.Tool main shaft is connected by shaft couping,thus the motor main shaft rotating can not affect the tools working accuracy,the feeding of cutters is automatically droved by clinder,which makes the work more stable.Processing roughness:Ra 12.5µm Type Input Power Motor Power Pressure Weight LDX-200 380V/50Hz 1.5KW 0.5~0.8Mpa 220Kg Overall Dimension Speed of round Gear size 1300*740*850mmmm 2800r/min D=200mm d=32mm
Specifications cutting saw machine 1.Glazing Bead Saw 2.Used for the cutting of glazing beads 3.PVC windows and doors machine CUTTNG SAW MACHINE used for the cutting of glazing beads Type Input Power Motor Power Pressure SYJ03--1800 380V(220V)/50Hz 2*0.75KW 0.5~0.8Mpa Overall Dimension Speed of round Gear size Weight 1350*550*1400mm 2850r/min D=200mm d=30mm 220Kg
Specifications windows and doors machine 1.high automation 2.ISO-9001 certification,CE PVC doors and windows machine This machine is the production of circular arc form of plastic doors and Windows of special equipment, mainly including bending finalize the design work platform, heat the slot, finalize the design with and plate bar etc parts, use electric heating finalize the design process of the profile, but on the bending finalize the design into the diameter of the 500 to 800 mm of semicircle of circular arc and any radian, this machine is reliable in performance and the safety of operation, the efficiency high characteristic. Type Input Power Motor Power Heating oil volume SYH1800 380V/50Hz 12KW 0.2 Cubic meters Overall Dimension Weight Heating temperature 4500*2900*800mm 600Kg 90°-130°
Specifications 1 PVC Profile Welding Machine 2 Two heads are controlled by PC system and droved pneumatically Model: SHZ2-120x3500 Name: PVC Two Point Welding Machine PVC Profile Welding Machine Product Introduce: Its two heads are controlled by PC system and droved pneumatically. Its movement stand adopts CM no-oil lubricating bearing and linear ball bearing. So it is of high precision easy operation and convenient maintenance. Its two heads can work individually and jointly. The machine can complete the welding skill through organic combination of two heads. One of the heads can weld various angles, which can meet the customer need of welding an arc and other special shaped window. Technical Parameters: Model SHZ2-120x3500 Motor Power 2.5KW Input Power 220V 50Hz Working Air Pressure 0.5~0.8MPa Cutting length Min. 400mm Max. 3500mm Cutting width and height W=120mm H=20~100mm Overall Dimension 4300x900x1650mm Net Weight 870KG Original Certificate ISO, CE Warranty 1 Year
Specifications PVC Door and window make the corner good-looking ,top grade high precision ISO9001~2000 PVC door and window machine ,window machine ,door and window machine Three--point welding machine for colorful PVC Door &window This machine is suit for welding colorful profile film,double color ,spray etc.HJ04 can clean all the corner at one time and can control the size of welding seam,so make the corner good-looking,top grade .HJ04 strengthen the hardness of welding through control the pneumatic systerm especially in the melting.to ensure that welding hardness is the best.As clean the corner after welding. Type Input Power Motor Power Pressure HJ04-3500.3/3.A 380V/50Hz 3.5KW 0.5~0.8Mpa Welding length Welding profile size Overall Dimension 400~3500mm H=20~100mm W=120mm 4300*1000*1650mm
Specifications 1 Cleaning machine 2 Cleaning the up and down surface welding seam after welded of the pvc door and window into angle of 90 Model: SQJ06-120 Name: Angle Seam Cleaning Machine for PVC Door and Window Product Introduce: The machine is used for cleaning the up and down surface welding seam after welded of the PVC door and window into angle of 90°. It is of convenient operation by pneumatic driving. Technical Parameters: Model SQJ06-120 Working Air Pressure 0.5~0.8MPa Cleaning Corner Length L=3.0±0.2mm Working width and height W=25~120mm H=25~120mm Overall Dimension 1050x670x1370mm Net Weight 100KG Original Shandong, China Certificate ISO, CE Warranty 1 Year
Công suất đầu vào: 380V 50Hz Điện: 1,5 kW Áp suất làm việc: 0.5 ~ 0.8MPa Tiêu thụ không khí: 10L/min Tốc độ trục chính: 2800r/min Định vị tấm góc quay: -55 ° ~ 55 ° Cắt trục đột quỵ hướng: 36mm Tối đaphạm vi làm việc (L * D * H): 200mm × 45mm × 90mm Kích thước: 1060mm x 800mm x 1300mm Trọng lượng: 240k
Port: Qingdao Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets per Year Payment Terms: D/P,T/T Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Carnival Model Number: SZJ01 Input Power:380V 50HZ: Motor Power:0.75+1.5KW Pressure:p=0.5~0.8Mpa: Speed of round:1200r/min Cutter diameter:8mm: Drill diameter:5mm
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